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Get Tank Right.

TRS Device

All-in-one propane safety solution.

TRS Device

The Tank Right System is designed to be mounted over the top of a liquid propane cylinder collar. It provides 360° protection from propane bursts, eliminating many of the risks associated with exchanging a LP tank. Direct contact with liquid propane may freeze the skin causing frostburn.


Engineering Control is a safety method introduced by OSHA that eliminates hazards or reduces exposure to hazards at the source as opposed to the more challenging and costly method of using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) (i.e. gloves, glasses, face shields, etc.)


Safety Solution

The TRS is easily mounted over the collar of a liquid propane tank.

OSHA Preferred

Engineering Control devices are preferred over Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Reduce Liability

Workers can safely and effectively replace a LP cylinder on an industrial forklift.

Business Integrity

Help protect your business integrity with enhanced safety measures.